Training Program

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More and more companies are understanding the importance of providing adequate training to their employees. Personal training programs are a fundamental element of any successful company. All companies need the best professionals; therefore, they need to support them in their development and provide them with the necessary tools so that they can carry out their [...]

Develop a Worth it Corporate Culture

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The image and identity of a company is perceived based on the actions and manifestations it carries out. Whether these actions are done consciously or unconsciously, they have an impact on the vision of their clients, collaborators, suppliers and their entire environment on the organization. Identity is what the company ‘wants to be’ and so [...]

Organizational Change Agents

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We live in a constantly changing world, where everything around us changes all the time. Organizations should not be an exception, they cannot afford to decide whether they want to change or not, they have to. Their success will be linked to their ability to adapt to social, economic and cultural changes. As technology evolves, [...]

Staff turnover: what every company should know.

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Do you know what staff turnover is? How does it affect your teams and employees? The staff turnover not only affects your business and the performance of your workers, but also influences the company culture and even your brand. What is staff turnover? When a worker arrives or leaves a company, we say [...]

The importance of organizational culture

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Organizational culture has been a subject of marked interest from the 80s to the present day, becoming an element of relevant strategic importance. The development of the organizational culture allows the members of the organization to carry out certain behaviors. An open and human work culture encourages the participation and mature behavior of all members [...]

Retaining challenge, the great challenge for companies

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At a time when the labor market stands out for the relentless movement, human resource departments are changing their strategies to maintain talent in their workforce, trends in which it is valued with special intensity to improve the employee experience to achieve a greater bound between both parties and generate a positive brand image. Talent [...]

What is work flexibility? Which are its advantages?

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We have all heard about labor flexibility; but what does this term really means? There are different ways to define it, but mainly, labor flexibility is the ability of a company to adapt to changes in its demand and environment, and the ability to react to what is happening in its sector. [...]